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Presenting Pacific Prime’s Global Employee Benefits Trends Report 2022

So much has changed in the past few years, owing to factors such as the global pandemic, the “Great Resignation”, Gen Z taking over workspaces, hybrid working arrangements, and more. The year 2022 has indeed been interesting for HR managers and industry leaders. And in this third edition of Pacific Prime’s Global Employee Benefits Trends Report (GEBTR) 2022, we have put together influencing factors and information about the top 5 trends.

In this Pacific Prime Hong Kong article, we will go over the report and understand the influence of the top 5 trends in workspaces in brief. However, we suggest downloading your copy and going over the report to get a full picture.

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Global Employee Benefits Trends Report

About GEBTR 2022

The GEBTR 2022 identifies and analyzes the key trends that are influencing the world of employee benefits across the globe. The report aims to help you make informed decisions when designing, reviewing, or implementing employee benefits programs from start to finish. The GEBTR 2022 showcases the present market worldwide and references, industry surveys, several case studies, and more.

Here’s a quick sneak peek into the top 5 employee benefits covered in the report:

1. A marked rise in office-based perks as the COVID-19 pandemic subsides

With most employees getting used to working from home during the pandemic, employers are finding it challenging to lure employees back into the offices. Organizations hoping for a return-to-office strategy must ensure a reasonable transition period and prioritize a positive workplace culture.

Want to learn about how British office workers could be incentivized to work in the office full-time again? And helpful tips that could help you facilitate a smooth return to the office? Download the GEBTR 2022 right away to find out for yourself!

2. The rise of sophisticated HR tech

HR tech is nothing but an umbrella term used to describe a range of software and hardware designed to automate a number of HR functions, such as employee payroll, hiring, benefits management, and more. Gone are the days when the primary tools for employee monitoring were fingerprint scanners and surveillance cameras. HR technology in the present day is fueled by AI and the latest algorithms that accurately predict, anticipate, and decide what is happening with employees.

In the report, we dive deeper into various factors that are motivating employers to implement employee monitoring, and how employees really feel about it.

3. Employers re-approach the concept of holistic wellness

The pandemic had adverse effects on people’s mental health across the world, and now, everyone understands the importance of mental health compared to a few years ago. Many organizations are starting to look at workplace wellness from a wider perspective, instead of focusing on just mental or physical health, a holistic approach involves emotional, social, and financial health as they are all interrelated.

Curious to learn more about implementing holistic wellness among your employees? The GEBTR 2022 features case studies and tips on how to deal with the issue at hand.

4. Employee benefits ‘go green’ as Gen Z transforms the workplace

Did you know that Gen Z (the generation of people born between 1995-2012) is going to be the most populous generation to attract and retain in 2022 and beyond. Companies have to start thinking about making changes to their systems, starting from their core values. Companies can also introduce benefits that are attractive to the new gen, for example, more remote work options, increased “green” budgets, paid volunteering days, etc.

5. The rise of fairness and equality in the era of remote work

Employers cannot simply turn a blind eye to boiling issues such as the gender wage gap and diversity in workspaces. In the report, we take a closer look at the issue at hand by answering various questions such as:

  1. What is fairness and equality in the workspace, and why is it important?
  2. What are the different layers of fairness and quality?
  3. How industry leaders can move to promote diversity, equality, and inclusion initiatives.
  4. And more.

Find out more about making workspaces better for employees in the GEBTR 2022!

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