Privacy Policy signing

We have updated our privacy policy

On May 25, the European Union’s new data privacy law will come into force. Because this law is so wide-reaching, we feel it is important to ensure that we are doing everything we can as a company to meet the new privacy regulations and protect the data of our clients or anyone interacting with us. …

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dental health insurance

Dental health insurance in Hong Kong: Finding the ideal plan

Insurance coverage in Hong Kong is a peculiar thing. When it comes to securing private medical cover, there are many in the city that simply will not think about it, as they rely on the public healthcare system in Hong Kong and the low cost healthcare that it provides for their medical needs. At the …

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insurer closes

What happens when your insurer closes shop

Peace of mind is powerful phrase. A lot of what we work for every day, week, and year is to gain peace of mind in one sense or another. The insurance industry is built on the idea that, even during the times in which we feel that we, our families, our businesses, and our physical …

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international private medical insurance inflation report

International private medical insurance inflation in Hong Kong

In the past 20 years, global Consumer Price Inflation (CPI) has hiked at an average rate of 2.2%, whereas medical costs inflated by approximately 3.6% – that’s about 70% faster! Explanations are not hard to find. In our recently released International Private Medical Insurance Inflation – 2018 study, we explored the main forces influencing the …

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british expats

Why British expats need international health insurance

Even in 2018, there are so many people in the world that seem to have no concerns about receiving timely, quality, and affordable healthcare. In both the developed and developing world, countries have been implementing universal healthcare systems, and other forms of publicly subsidized healthcare systems, in an effort to make sure that their populations …

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new arrival

Hong Kong healthcare for a new arrival

Hong Kong is truly a great place to live for many people. While the culture in the city has been inching closer and closer to that of China since the United Kingdom ceded the city back to its mother state in 1997, Hong Kong is a unique and wonderful place that still attracts many thousands …

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Medical emergencies article HK

5 things you should know about handling medical emergencies in HK

From unconsciousness to food poisoning and car accidents, medical emergencies can happen to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. What would you do if you or a family member suffered a medical emergency? Every second counts during an emergency and, while frightening, knowing what to do could quite literally save your life. To help, this post imparts …

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a male office manager works through group insurance plans information to calculate if his company is getting the best deal

Controlling costs a lingering issue for company group insurance plans

It’s the time of year when companies begin making important decisions about the future of the business. Some will be faced with greater expectations, some with shrinking or static budgets. In almost 20 years of supporting employee benefits plans, we’ve found that the biggest, continuing challenge for most companies’ group insurance plans is controlling costs. …

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top-up insurance article

Top-up insurance in Hong Kong: What is it and do I need it?

As one of the most sought-after employee benefits in Hong Kong, the majority of expats working here will likely have employer-provided health insurance. In the midst of skyrocketing healthcare costs, however, a growing number of companies are finding ways to save on their employee benefits. In fact, in 2017 more than half (55%) of HK …

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modern office full of workers discussing corporate health insurance

Delivering the best corporate health insurance solutions in Hong Kong

Corporate health insurance and employee benefits are a common feature of today’s modern workplaces. Companies know that to attract the best talent to their business, they need to offer packages that are competitive in their market. While there are many benefits that can be added to a salary offer to make it more attractive, corporate …

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boys play on a slip and slide at the park promoting the benefits of free play

Free play encouraged for healthy children in Hong Kong

Parents in Hong Kong adore their children and want the best for them. A recent study by Unicef, however, has found that many don’t fully understand the concept of “free play” and the benefits it offers to kids. This week’s article by Pacific Prime Hong Kong outlines what free play truly means, and how you …

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Hong Kong family insurance article

How to choose the best Hong Kong family insurance: 5 helpful tips

Hong Kong is truly one of Asia’s best expat locations to raise a family; it’s safe, international, and features a diverse selection of schools. The city’s healthcare system also ranks among the top countries in the world, and comprises of 12 private and 42 public hospitals to serve its population of over 7.3 million people. …

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internet challenges

Internet challenges: Would your health insurance cover the risks?

Parents of Hong Kong, take heed. Maybe not today, and maybe not tomorrow, but someday… your child is going to do something dumb. What’s even worse is that this dumb thing they do is going to happen because somebody on the internet did the same dumb thing. Now, we’re all familiar with the realities of …

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a woman sits at her desk with her head in her hands portraying the need to be conscious of your own mental health in hong kong, and knowing how to cope with stress and anxiety

Managing stress and anxiety for better mental health

Most people know that stress and anxiety can be bad for your health. The unfortunate thing about both of these states is that they’re like quicksand – once you fall in, it can be hard to pull yourself out of it. Managing your mental health is important for ensuring that you can enjoy the life …

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blood donation

Blood donation in Hong Kong and you

Blood is the lifeblood of our lives. Seriously though, while occasions in which we need access to blood are (hopefully) few and far between, blood is still something that we should be concerned with. Not only the blood that is currently in our bodies or our bodies’ capacity to create more, but the blood found …

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a large asian man sits with his head in his hands as he weighs up whether to eat lettuce or a plate full of chips and a burger, representing obesity in hong kong

Obesity in Hong Kong reaches 50% of the population

According to a survey of more than 12,000 people, half of people living in the bustling metropolis of Hong Kong are overweight or obese. Figures relate to those over the age of 15 years old, which is representative of some 6.5 million people. We all know that keeping a healthy weight is important, but these …

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corporate benefits consultant article image

What’s a corporate benefits consultant? Top reasons why using one is the superior choice

Gone are the days when employees happily collected their salary and expected little more. In today’s candidate-driven job market, employee benefits have become the “crown jewels” of compensation packages. In fact, 78% of job candidates look at a company’s employee benefits when deciding whether or not to accept an offer. As employers look to deliver …

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an office employee reads the HR support information Pacific Prime has delivered as part of its leading employee benefits brokering services

HR support for employee benefits: how can an insurance broker help your business?

If there’s one department in your office that can always do with a bit more support, it’s your human resources team. The downside for most is that HR are often left to themselves to deal with the many staff-related issues and concerns that arise daily, simply because there’s no one else within the company to …

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mother joyously carries her baby in front of a red, white and blue painted wall, representing the journey of maternity benefits for employees

Maternity benefits for employees in Hong Kong: what can my business do?

Employees who get pregnant can sometimes be a surprise for a business (almost as much as it can potentially be for the employee). Despite the fact that Hong Kong’s birth rate is falling, from time to time you’re still going to have employees that bring you the news that they’re expecting. Often, maternity leave is …

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