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Health insurance guides for Hong Kong

Pacific Prime Hong Kong produces a variety of useful and informative guides and reports. Click on the guides below to get your copy today!

Global Employee Benefits Trends 2022

Explore industry insights and in-depth analysis of key employee benefits trends in 2022.




Here is a quick glance at the top 5 employee benefits trends in 2022.

SOHI Report 2021-2022

Explore key global and regional health insurance trends along with expert insights. 

Corporate Brochure 2022

Here's a sneak peek of the global state of health insurance in 2021-2022.

Corporate Brochure 2022

Get an overview of the cost of international health insurance in 2021-2022.

Corporate Brochure 2022

Discover key drivers shaping IPMI premiums in 2021-2022 and more!

Corporate Brochure 2022

Discover Pacific Prime’s employee benefits and corporate insurance solutions here!

Structuring an EB Plan Guide

Learn the steps for structuring the most successful employee benefits plans.

Global Employee Benefits Trends 2021

Delve into the biggest employee benefits trends in 2021.

GEBTs Report 2021

Explore the major trends shaping the global employee benefits landscape this year.

State of Health Insurance 2020-2021

Get the latest insights on the global and regional IPMI trends, and more!

SOHI Report 2020-2021

Get an overview of the global state of health insurance in 2020-2021

Cost of IPMI 2020-2021

Discover the latest factors influencing IPMI premiums globally!

[INFOGRAPHIC] Cost of IPMI in 2020

Discover the factors influencing IPMI premiums in this infographic!

Global Employee Benefits Trends 2020

Learn about the major global employee benefits trends of 2020.

Family Plan

Check out this infographic for the top global employee benefits trends in 2020.

Pacific Prime's Videos

Check out our videos to stay up-to-date on the world of health insurance.

SOHI 2019-2020

Medical coverage that travels the world with you

Maternity Insurance Guide 2019-2020

A comprehensive guide to maternity insurance terms, coverage, and the cost of giving birth in Hong Kong.

SOHI 2018-19

Stay up-to-date on all trends facing the international health insurance industry. 

2018 COHI Report

Premium discounts on medical insurance for your group.

2019 COHI

Check out our key findings, latest trends, analysis, and much more.

School Guide

Download your complimentary copy of Pacific Prime's School Insurance Guide. 

IPMI 2018

Learn about international medical insurance inflation in HK and beyond.

SOHI 2018

Learn about the current state of health insurance in Hong Kong.

Mat Guide 2017

Covering all you need to know about maternity insurance in Hong Kong. 

IVF Guide 2017

Learn more about IVF and the insurance that covers it in Hong Kong. 

Private VS Public Healthcare

Read about the major differences between public and private healthcare in Hong Kong.

2017 Top-up Health Insurance Guide

Looking to enhance existing coverage? Read our guide to learn about your options. 

2017 Corporate Solutions Flyer

Learn about our corporate solutions in this short flyer.

COHI 2017

Review the cost of international health insurance in 100 countries including HK.