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4 ways to recharge ahead of the new year

It’s been a stressful two years. A lot has been happening in the world. And yes, that includes the world of work. Whether it was the sudden shift to remote working amidst COVID-19 restrictions, the shift back to in-person and hybrid working arrangements when things got better, or even the long-term changes the pandemic had to our state of mind, well-being, and workplace trends, there’s no time like the present to rest and relax. Before you ring in 2023 and give the year your best, this Pacific Prime Hong Kong article gives you some ways to recharge.

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Disconnect from the workplace (and your devices)…

The end of the year is the holiday season. For some, it’s a long break starting from Christmas until after the new year. And for others, it’s merely a two-day break covering New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. It doesn’t matter how long or short your break is, but that it should be a total break from work. That means delegating tasks to a colleague, closing the door to your home office, and turning off all work notifications on your phone and computer. 

Bonus pointer: Do you wish to go one step further? Consider adopting a no-device/no-screen policy for your break period. That means no unnecessary scrolling on social media, Netflix, and more. Not only will it give your eyes a rest, but it’ll also give you the mental space to enjoy nature and be with yourself.

…and make time for doing absolutely nothing.

In our day-to-day lives, it’s all about maximizing productivity. While ticking off your to-do list can feel good, having days where you’re not obligated to do anything is good. But with so much to get done – especially during the holiday periods (think: holiday shopping, hosting gatherings, etc.), it can be hard to find time to do nothing. So make sure you actively schedule days or even times when your calendar is free and let your mind wander. 

Engage in hobbies and other enjoyable activities…

You can use your free time to engage in hobbies and do other things you enjoy. Ask yourself: What have you been putting off for a while? And what gives you the most satisfaction and fulfillment? It may be finally completing that sewing project, finishing that book you started ages ago, or even learning a random skill like juggling! You’ll find that you may enjoy it more without having the burden of work on your mind. 

…but above all, go with the flow of things. 

It may be tempting to plan out all the activities you’ll do during your break down to the T. While there’s certainly nothing wrong with being a planner – in fact, it can make sure you’re making the most of your time – it’s also important to not be rigid and go with the flow of things. If you feel like taking a nap in the middle of the day, instead of going to that Salsa workshop you found, then that’s fine. Listen to your body because it knows best what you need to rejuvenate. 

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The holiday season is the perfect time for introspection and setting your New Year’s resolution. If prioritizing your health and well-being is one of your goals for the coming year, and chances are that it will be, then it’s a good idea to reach out to Pacific Prime Hong Kong. As a global health insurance brokerage, with over two decades of industry experience, we can help you find and secure the right health insurance plan for your needs and budget. This will enable you to access the best care without paying out of pocket. 

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