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Pacific Prime Hong Kong releases new Maternity Insurance Guide

Starting a new family, or having an addition to one, can be a big step. When you’re living or staying in an unfamiliar country, that big step can seem like a much larger one. At Pacific Prime Hong Kong, we have just published our new Maternity Insurance Guide for expecting parents looking at a due date in the SAR. Our consultants and marketing teams have worked hard to ensure that everything you need to know is available in one handy booklet.

Inside the Maternity Insurance Guide

Information is key to feeling comfortable with any decision you make, and the right information is even more important when talking about pregnancy. Our guide is full of great information about maternity insurance in Hong Kong, the general costs associated with pregnancy, and information about both public and private hospitals. As a leading insurance broker, we’ve also got some top tips for what to consider when you’re thinking about maternity insurance:

  • Plan early: Many maternity insurance additions require at least a 12 month waiting period before coverage will apply. If you’re still planning for the future, make sure to get maternity insurance early.
  • Understand the benefits and limits: Like all insurance products, maternity can come with a range of benefit options and coverage limits that can be tailored to your needs and desires. Our guide includes a glossary of terms and elements commonly used in our industry.
  • Be prepared for all events: Maternity plans are generally designed to bring you and your baby to delivery in a healthy state, and may have some low level coverage for unexpected events. If you might be having a high risk pregnancy, or you want to be prepared for all circumstances, we have plans that provide great post-birth coverage for your newborn.
  • Understand the costs: Routine checks, exams, visits, vaccinations, and the big event: delivery. Make sure you read our Maternity Insurance Guide so you understand how much pregnancy can cost in Hong Kong and what sorts of insurance you might need to help you cover it.

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Our guide is completely free of charge, and easily accessible for everyone – even those with little or limited knowledge of the Hong Kong health system. We’ve got a reputation for simplifying insurance and guides like this one help our clients and customers make the best choice for themselves and their families.

Partner with a Hong Kong insurance expert

Our consultants are experts in the field of insurance. To help us provide a better context for our Maternity Insurance Guide, we’ve included a brief section written by one of our very own who went through the insurance and Hong Kong health system first hand. Here’s an excerpt of Danielle’s words from our guide:

Pacific Prime Danielle talking about the Maternity Insurance Guide


One of my key concerns was choosing a plan to cover all possible eventualities since these are the things that push up the overall cost; complications during pregnancy, a C-section, new-born benefits in case the baby came early and needed to go into NICU. Having to go through any one of these situations is stressful enough, without the added worry of whether you have the cover to deal with it financially.



When it comes to making the right maternity choices, you can’t go wrong with an expert who has been in the very same position as you are. Our staff are 100% committed to you and your wellbeing and offer not just great plans and great prices, but also unparalleled support for claims and administration during the life of your insurance policy.

Pacific Prime Hong Kong: your choice for maternity insurance

Let our expert team take the effort out of finding you good, quality maternity coverage in Hong Kong, leaving you with more time to enjoy the experience of pregnancy and family. If you’re interested in knowing more before you speak with us, visit our Maternity Insurance Guide page and download the booklet. We’re sure you’ll feel more confident about the whole process after you do.

When you’re ready to start the ball rolling, contact our team of expert advisers today. We’ll be able to help you find the perfect maternity insurance policy for you needs, and offer any answers or advice you might have in how it works.

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