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Pacific Prime’s Renewals team goes green

The renewals team at Pacific Prime has started the push to go green. Danielle Cotton, the Renewals Manager, explains what the team is doing and their future plans.

Posted on Jul 06, 2015 by Rob McBroom

One thing you may not know about international health insurance in Hong Kong is that there is a large amount of paperwork behind each plan, claim, renewal, and more. While in the past this paperwork was just that: paperwork, many companies have started to ‘go green’ by minimizing the amount of, or completely eliminating, paper from the business process.

Pacific Prime is excited to announce that we too are starting to go green with our Renewals team stepping up to the plate. In mid-June, our Hong Kong-based Renewals Department announced that they will be going paperless.

Renewals takes first step to paperless office

Danielle Cotton, Renewals Manager at Pacific Prime, explained more about this new green initiative, “During a yearly review conducted by all members of the Renewals team, we found that the team has between 140-160 policies on average that are due for renewal every month. Each policyholder receives a renewal notice and supporting documents in paper form. The minimum number of pages used per client is two, but for certain insurers it’s more like four. So we send anything between 300 and 600 pieces of paper per month. Not to mention A4 sized envelopes used to send the documents. All of this is paper is in duplicate of something we already send in email form.

Together the team agreed that we could cut out the paper used during this part of the process in a concentrated effort to reduce the amount of paper generated. Going forward, instead of sending paper copies of the renewals notices and supporting documents, we will just email the client the renewal information for the upcoming year. Although many of the insurers offer ‘paperless membership’ and access to online tools where members can download or simply view their renewal documents, membership information, process claims, etc, many still issue hardcopies after the policy has been renewed. If this happens, we will still need to send the hardcopies to the clients.”

Cotton continued, “If we have clients request to be sent the hardcopies of their renewal notice, we will, of course, send them out. We understand that some people prefer having the paperwork on hand, rather than do things over email or the phone. When we send out the renewal documents by email, we will be adding a note to advise members that they can request hardcopies be sent out if they prefer.”

Hopes for the future

In a bit of friendly cross-department bantering, Cotton said that in the long run she hopes that the other departments in Pacific Prime’s Hong Kong office will follow the lead of the Renewals team and reduce or eliminate the amount of paper used in the office. Of course, we realize some local insurers demand hard/original copies and, therefore, we must follow protocol in these instances. However, the majority of our medical insurance clients hold international policies, which rarely require that anything be signed or returned in order to renew the policy. At Pacific Prime we’re just trying to do our bit for the environment.  

To learn more about Pacific Prime, please see our website or contact our international health insurance experts today.

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