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Private hospital room charges in Hong Kong

There are many reasons why Hong Kong is a popular destination for expats, such as the food, expat community, business opportunities, and healthcare. With one of the most developed medical systems in Asia, Hong Kong offers both public and private medical treatment to anyone with a valid visa and ID card. While Hong Kong’s public healthcare system is undoubtedly well-run, its low cost and high quality means long waiting times and lack of privacy or comfort.

Hong Kong’s private hospitals, on the other hand, offer many benefits such as higher quality equipment, English-speaking doctors and medical staff, and more comfortable accommodations. In this Pacific Prime Hong Kong article, we’ll take an in-depth look at private hospital room charges in Hong Kong so you can get a better idea of costs and budget medical costs.

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How are private hospital room charges in Hong Kong calculated?

Before we go into more detail, it is worth noting that doctors fees in Hong Kong correlate to the room type. Basically speaking, the more you pay for the room, the more you pay for the doctor – even though the services are exactly the same.

What are the differences between room types?

When calculating costs for medical treatment, keep in mind that your room type will have a direct impact on all other fees. It’s important to ask your doctor what his or her medical fees are according to room type, including a private room, a semi-private room, and ward.

Private room

A private room is a room that you have all to yourself. The room comes with an en-suite restroom and unique perks depending on what you pay. What’s more, private rooms always provide companion beds, which are either included in the room fees or come at an additional cost.

Semi-private room

A semi-private room is one that you share with another person. The two beds are typically partitioned by a curtain to keep your area private. Restrooms are also shared. Some hospitals allow a companion to stay overnight for an additional fee.

The ward

As the least expensive option, the ward is a large room that a number of patients who require similar treatment share. Wards in private hospitals in Hong Kong can include anywhere between 3 to 14 patients. Curtains are often used to separate beds for privacy and restrooms are shared. Companion beds are not available in this type of room.

What kind of room does my insurance cover?

You have to be careful when being admitted to a private hospital since your cover may not include a private room. If you choose a private room when your cover limits you to a semi-private or ward level, you will not be reimbursed completely and may have to pay additional fees.

Your insurance provider may cover all costs if you are involuntarily upgraded, however, they will require a written note from the hospital stating that all other room types were occupied.

What’s excluded from hospital room rates?

Private hospital room rates are exclusively for stays. They typically do not include:

  • Doctor consultation fees
  • Surgical operation fees
  • Anesthesia fees
  • Nursing procedures
  • Laboratory tests
  • Diagnostic procedures
  • Physical therapy
  • Medicines
  • Meals
  • Medical supplies
  • Use of equipment
  • Accommodation for a guardian

Be sure to take the additional costs into consideration when budgeting your inpatient stay, especially since your room type determines your medical costs.

Room rates at Hong Kong’s private hospitals

In November 2016, a pilot program for enhancing price transparency for privacy hospitals was launched in Hong Kong. Featuring the 12 private hospitals in Hong Kong, the program encourages hospitals and doctors to offer an estimated budget for planned procedures or operations, such as delivery, colonoscopy, LASIK, knee arthroscopy, and thyroidectomy. Some hospitals are now offering packages, such as Union Hospital, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, and Gleneagles Hospital.

The amounts listed below are from June 2019.


Private Room

Semi-private Room

The Ward

Canossa Hospital

HKD $3,800

HKD $2,600 (window + $200) 

4 Beds: HKD $1,000 (window + $200) 

6 Beds: HKD $900 (window + $200)

8 Beds: HKD $800 (window + $200)

Evangel Hospital

HKD $1,850

HKD $1,000 (semi-private double room) 

HKD $1,400 (semi-private single room) 

3 to 5 beds: HKD $680 

Gleneagles Hong Kong Hospital

HKD $3,600

HKD $1,450 (semi-private single) 

HKD $2,000 (semi-private double) 

2 beds: HKD $900

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Stubbs Road

HKD $3,200 

HKD $2,000-2,200

3 beds: HKD $900

5 beds: HKD $750

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan

HKD $1,600 (Old wing) – $2,500 (Main tower) 

HKD $1,000 (Old Wing) – $1,200 (Main tower) 

3 beds: 

HKD $650 (Old wing) 

HKD $950 (Main tower) 

5 beds: HKD $550 (Old wing) 

Hong Kong Baptist Hospital

HKD $3,180 – $3,880 

HKD $1,650 – $2.020

2 beds: HKD $1,150-$1,230 

3 to 5 beds: HKD $890-$960

4 to 6 beds: HKD $840

7 to 9 beds: HKD $800-820 

Hong Kong Sanatorium & Hospital

Type A: HKD $5,700-$6,700

Type B: HKD $3,900-$4,100

Semi-private single room: HKD $2,400-$3,500 

3 to 6 beds: HKD $1,100-$1,700

Matilda International Hospital 

HKD $3,300

HKD $1,695 

HKD $900

Precious Blood Hospital

HKD $1,820

HKD $1,120

4 to 5 beds: HKD $750-$850

St. Paul’s Hospital

HKD $3,080-$4,880

HKD $1,380-$1,480

3 to 4 beds: HKD $760-$900

St. Teresa’s Hospital

HKD $1,700-$1,900

HKD $850-$900 (semi-private) 

HKD $1,600 (semi-private single room) 

3 to 4 beds: HKD $680-$750 

5 to 7 beds: HKD $600-$860

8 to 11 beds: $560-680

Union Hospital

HKD $2,500-$45,000

1-3 beds: HKD $900 – $1,200 – $ 1,800

4 to 6 beds: HKD $600-$800

14 beds: HKD $500

Securing the best Hong Kong health insurance policy

If you want to ensure a stress-free and easy Hong Kong healthcare experience, you’ll want to secure an insurance policy that enables direct billing. Direct billing makes the whole process more efficient for patients, hospitals, and insurers. When you’re not feeling well, having an efficient payment method that makes it easy to settle hospital fees and charges can have a positive effect on your recovery.

Aside from having a direct billing option, using an experienced broker like Pacific Prime Hong Kong can help you find the right healthcare for your needs. Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of private and public healthcare sectors in Hong Kong, and also provides a service that makes both direct billing and reimbursement claims even better. We also offer free resources such as the Public vs Private Healthcare Guide in Hong Kong.

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