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Compare Medical Insurance Coverage Options

Pacific Prime Hong Kong’s health insurance comparison tool helps you get the sort of coverage you need and not what you don’t!

Compare medical insurance on Pacific Prime Hong Kong

If you’re an expat looking to compare health insurance in China, Hong Kong, Dubai or anywhere else in the world, you don’t have to look any further than Pacific Prime’s own comparison tool! With it you can access quotes from over 200 countries, countless international and local insurers, and a bunch of options to ensure you can get the coverage you need - and nothing you don’t!

Choosing your coverage needs

Our comparison tool will allow you to receive a quick, online quote based on the following criteria:

  • Your country of cover
  • The length of coverage required
  • The types of coverage you will need
  • Your age and gender

Based on these details, the tool will provide you with a number of options with which you can use to compare medical insurance plans. Below are an explanation of the Types of Coverage you might want to select when preparing your health insurance comparison.


Inpatient care is when you’ve been admitted to hospital and can include coverage of surgery, diagnostic tests, the costs of an anesthetist, inpatient medication, organ transplants and potentially emergency room and general hospital expenses.


Outpatient care is related to medical services that don’t require hospital admission, and can include things like GP consultations, psychology care, homeopathy and traditional cultural medicine (like Chinese acupuncture).


Dental benefits can have a waiting period (for example, six months) before you may be eligible to claim for care, but you may also be able to enjoy dental cleaning services as well as preventative dental appointments.


Those needing maternity insurance will find it optional in some countries (but an absolute necessity in many due to the local costs of maternity care). These benefits can include a waiting period before you’re eligible, but will cover most pregnancy-related costs.


As well as the main types of coverage above, our tool can include additional benefits for you to think about while you compare health insurance:

  • Well being - Such as annual health checks, vaccinations and routine cancer screenings
  • Optical care - Including cover for glasses and contact lenses, eye check ups, and laser eye surgery

Chronic conditions - Which can cover acute and palliative chronic care, newborn care (including congenital abnormalities), and terminal illness benefits

What else will the tool show?

The Pacific Prime Hong Kong health insurance comparison tool will also provide information about claims (whether the policy provides for reimbursement or direct billing), and other administrative details (such as a no claims discount, renewability, payment methods and whether there is an underwriter).

I'm ready to compare my medical insurance options

Click here to go to the Pacific Prime Health Insurance Quotes page to start your health insurance comparison! If you have any questions, or you’d like some personal assistance, our expert advisors can do all the hard work for you and provide you with quotes to match your needs. Contact us today!

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