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Frequently Asked Questions

We answer your most common questions about health insurance in Hong Kong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the duration of a Health Insurance Plan?

A: The standard contract length is twelve months. The majority of health insurance plans are guaranteed renewable. This allows you to always have the option of renewing your cover regardless of your claims history in the previous year.

Q: Do overseas health insurance plans have age restrictions?

A: The age limits for enrolment in insurance health international plans vary from insurer to insurer. Generally the maximum age is between sixty-five and eighty years old. International plans are generally guaranteed renewable. This means that once you are on plan you can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you will always be covered.

Q: Do I require in-patient or out-patient treatment cover?

A: In-patient treatment refers to treatment undertaken in a hospital where an overnight stay is medically necessary. In-patient treatment can include surgical fees, diagnostic tests, emergency dental treatment and day care treatment. Out-patient treatment does not require the patient to be treated in hospital. Examples of out-patient treatment include prescription drugs, vaccinations and doctors appointments.

Q: What is a deductible/excess on an international health insurance plan?

A: Deductible (excess) is the proportion of a claim that you will be required to pay out of your own pocket. Insurance companies use deductibles in a number of ways. A deductible may be used to eliminate small claims or simply be used to underwrite a high risk. Insurance companies may even allow you to select a deductible in return for a decrease in the premium.

Q: Where can I go for treatment?

A: Insurance Health International Plans can be purchased for various geographical areas. Typically these will be worldwide and worldwide excluding North America. The majority of policies allow you to select the doctor and hospital of your choice within your geographical area of cover.

Q: Is it possible for a US citizen to buy an international health insurance plan?

A: Global Health Insurance Plans are available for people of all nationalities. If you are away from the USA for six months or more you will be eligible. Some plans will allow you to keep your cover if you return to live in the USA. It is best to consult your advisor on whether your selected plan will allow you to do this.

Q: I am a USA resident, will an International Health Insurance Plan provide cover for me?

A: The regulations in the USA state that you should gain cover from a local provider. However, if you are rejected by local insurers you are then able to purchase an International Health Insurance Plan. Some plans will allow you to keep your cover if you are returning to the US having lived abroad.

Q. What is pregnancy insurance cover?

A. Pregnancy Insurance cover is an insurance plan available to women who plan to become pregnant. Designed to help cover the increasing cost of birth around the world, these plans are highly recommended to women who plan on visiting the various private hospitals in Hong Kong where the cost of birth can be costly. These plans also cover the various appointments expectant mothers will need to attend. It is important to note here that this type of cover is usually sold as an additional cover to health insurance plans, meaning you will be required to secure a valid health insurance policy.

Q. Who needs to secure pregnancy insurance cover?

A. It is recommended that all women who plan to become pregnant secure at least some form of pregnancy insurance coverage, especially if you plan on utilizing the private health system in Hong Kong. A crucial thing to be aware of however, is that all plans will have a waiting period that must elapse before you can submit claims for maternity care - usually 12-24 months. This means that you need to have pregnancy insurance coverage in place for the specified time period before the insurer will cover any maternity care.



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