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Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage

Your pre-existing conditions can be covered under a health insurance plan in several ways.

Pre-Existing Conditions

When you take out a health insurance plan, insurers will pay close attention to your medical history. There are many different ways your pre-existing conditions can be covered by an insurer, and many plans will not cover them at all. 


When deciding to underwriteUnderwriting is the process that an insurance provider uses to assess whether or not you are eligible to receive coverage your application, an insurance company can take a number of options.

Insurers will most often exclude the pre-existing condition from the plan, meaning they will not cover the cost of treatment for the condition or any related conditions.

Loading Option

If an insurer places a loadingLoading is an extra amount added to the basic premium to cover additional expenses. on your plan, they will cover the costs of treatment for the 'pre-existing condition', but your annual premium will rise. Nowadays it's rare for insurers to utilize the loading option, but our experts will still be able to compare and find a health insurance company that can allow you to cover a 'pre-existing condition' in this manner.


If an insurer places a moratorium (a waiting period) on your 'pre-existing contion', it will usually be for two years. As long as you don't have any treatment or recurrences during this time, the insurer will consider adding coverage for your pre-existing condition in your plan. 

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