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Hospital Insurance Hong Kong

Hospitalization fees can lead to exceedingly high out-of-pocket costs, so it’s important to be protected by hospital insurance in Hong Kong. We have plans from Bupa, Cigna, Blue Cross, etc. Learn more about this type of insurance here.

Hospitals in Hong Kong

With one of the most modern and efficient healthcare systems in the world, you can rest-assured knowing that there are a plethora of world-class medical facilities to choose from in the populous city of Hong Kong.  

There are a number of public and private hospitals (view a list of top hospitals in Hong Kong) conveniently located in Hong Kong’s various districts. While both types offer high standards of healthcare, many opt for private treatment to enjoy the shorter waiting times and superior comfort provided by these facilities.

Demand is high for private care, but fees charged in these facilities are ranked second most expensive after the USA, with 1st class inpatient care easily setting you back by HK $5,640 per day. Mishaps that require medical care can happen to anyone, so it is highly advised that you secure hospital insurance to offset the high costs of hospital care in Hong Kong.

What exactly is covered by hospital insurance plans?

Hospital treatments are usually more costly than other medical treatments, so securing hospitalization insurance is an excellent way of protecting yourself from these costs.

Plans will differ in coverage elements offered, so we recommend that you read the fine print on your policy so that you are aware of what exactly you are covered for and what the coverage limits are.

Hospital insurance plans tend to offer the following coverage benefits:

  • A semi-private or private hospital room during surgery

  • Rooms for intensive care

  • Inpatient diagnostic tests such as X-rays, MRI, CAT scans, and laboratory tests

  • Medicines provided during hospitalization

  • Ambulance expenses

  • Surgery charges

  • Anaesthetist and operating theatre fees

Please note that the degree of coverage on each item will differ on each plan, so if you are unsure about which plan will best suit your requirements, you can contact us for free advice and for additional information.

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