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Global Health Insurance

Pacific Prime is a leading broker offering global health insurance solutions for expats abroad. Contact them today for a free quote on global health policies.

Coverage around the world

If you’re living and working outside of your home country, ensuring you have health coverage should be one of your priorities. Global health insurance not only helps with payment of care should you need it, but can also make the whole process of receiving medical attention a lot less stressful, and will generally grant you access to the best private facilities.

Whether you or your partner are on a short term contract or you’ve made the move overseas indefinitely, you’ll want to think about these reasons to obtain global health insurance.

Coverage in your host country

The most immediate form of insurance you’ll want is health coverage in the country you’ve taken up residence in. It’s true that some countries provide an open access, generously free or subsidised health system - even to expats in some cases - but often foreigners will find their options for medical care limited without citizenship or permanent residency.

Global health insurance acts the same as a comprehensive local insurance policy in the country you live in; ensuring that you can receive fast and effective care, generally through some of the most lavish private hospitals money can buy. An established relationship with local facilities may also provide you with ways to make the administrative process super simple - like, if direct billing options are available.

Coverage around the world

The best feature of global health insurance plans is that even if you leave for a holiday in a nearby country, or if you return home for a visit during the holidays, your international plan will cover you in your home country too! This may not apply to American expats who have the Affordable Care Act to navigate as well, but the rest of us should feel confident that accidents while visiting family back home can still be covered by your plan.

If you have a family and you’ve traveled from your host nation in Hong Kong to visit the beaches of South East Asia, don’t worry if something happens! Your global health plan can even provide emergency medical evacuation should you need it. Plus, private hospitals that cater to international clientele will generally have English speaking staff that can make sure you’re always informed about what is happening with the care of you or your loved ones.

One policy, global coverage

The fact that a global health insurance policy covers you in both your home country and your adopted one means that you should never have to go looking for a separate travel policy. You’ll only have one company to deal with in the event that something happens, and the processing of applications and claims can be done online with many major global insurers.

Pacific Prime Hong Kong

Why Pacific Prime Hong Kong? This leading insurance broker has been assisting expats in finding the right level of cover in both the Asia Pacific region and the rest of the world. Their expert advisors have over 15 years experience, serving over 120,000 clients in more than 200 countries. If a global health insurance solution is something you’re in the market for, contact the team today for a free quote.

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