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 Allianz Partners is dedicated to delivering unique value-added solutions that combine service, insurance, and technology to provide a wide range of global protection and care products, including international health insurance and employee benefits solutions.

With a strong international presence in 78 countries across all continents, their global team consists of over 19,000 employees worldwide, speaks 70 languages, and handles 44 million cases annually. Allianz Partners is part of the Allianz Group, a world-leading insurer with a history of offering high-quality solutions dating back to 1890. The insurance giant has successfully handled more than 54 million cases each year, focusing on providing thoughtful care to its customers and employees worldwide.


As part of Allianz, a trusted partner since 1890 and now ranked the 49th brand in the world by the Interbrand Ranking 2017, Allianz Partners' history provides a stable foundation. Combining this with their commercial brands' travel, automotive, health, and assistance expertise puts them in a leading position to serve their clients.

With a solid history to live up to, Allianz Partners is constantly looking forward to advancing its capabilities. The organization's innovation centers are just an example of how they continuously develop solutions to exceed business partners' and their customers' evolving needs. 

Allianz Partners’ Hong Kong Business

  • Assistance - provides assistance services for automotive, travel, health & home and offers help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Automotive - secures you and your car with comprehensive motor protection so you can rest easy!
  • Lifestyle - from home appliances to digital devices, Allianz Partners offers comprehensive protection, including cyber protection.
  • Travel - with Allianz Partners travel insurance, you can get immediate help from their professional assistance network worldwide.

Corporate Solutions

Allianz Partners is committed to providing a wide range of insurance and assistance services to corporate clients worldwide. The insurance giant customizes plans that are suitable solutions for you and your clients, including professional product design, software configuration, and a dedicated call center support hotline.

Products & Solutions

  • Allianz Partners' globally harmonized products and services enable them to deliver solutions quickly, efficiently, and consistently worldwide. 
  • The insurance group also maintains flexibility and the local knowledge to tailor its offerings to the specific needs of clients, their customers, and employees.
  • Allianz Partners' uniquely combined services are designed to add value at every stage, as single products, bundle combinations, or modular add-ons that are seamlessly integrated into their client's business. 
  • The insurance giant embraces new technologies and continues to digitalize and enhance the customer journey. 

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