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Aetna International is a reputable local and international health insurance provider, and one of Pacific Prime’s insurance partners. Get an Aetna International quote today!

About Aetna International

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Formerly known as Aetna Global Benefits, Aetna International’s stated mission is not just to help people address medical costs locally or internationally. What Aetna International strives to do is nothing short of building a healthier world. For 40 years, Aetna International has put itself in a position to achieve this goal, as they now have over 800,000 clients around the world. This is not to be confused with the major insurer Aetna in the United States, which is the parent company of Aetna International.

In 2014, Aetna International made itself even stronger as it acquired insurance provider InterGlobal, and added the company’s portfolio of clients to its own. The regions in which this acquisition had the most impact were the areas where InterGlobal did the bulk of its business, which includes Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Vietnam, among others. 

Aetna International continues to prove that it is a top and preferred health insurance provider for individuals and businesses globally. What’s more, they also help large governments with their population health management solutions. Aetna’s commitment to building a healthier global community is reflected in everything that they do. 

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Expatriates, in particular, can benefit from the international health insurance products that Aetna International carries, as their international health insurance plans provide coverage in virtually any country or hospital worldwide, with minimal restrictions.

Aetna International provides more than health insurance though. They also offer health solutions. Aetna emphasizes this because they want to make it clear that they provide benefits of many kinds not only to individuals, families, and businesses, but also to entire communities or governments! Solutions on offer include:

  • Individual plans

  • Family plans

  • Expat plans

  • Group plans

  • Population health

Aetna International takes in billions of dollars in premiums each year, and even designs entire healthcare systems, so you know they can handle clients of any size and industry. 


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Aetna International has gone from being an insurer to a health solutions company because they do much more than provide insurance. They want to do their part in creating a healthier world by promoting healthy living and making healthcare more accessible.  

Whatever your insurance requirements, we can help you find an Aetna insurance plan that suits your needs and budget. While it is possible to purchase plans from Aetna International directly, the best way to do so is through Pacific Prime Hong Kong. You will get the same high-quality insurance solutions at the same price point, but with the extra added value provided by Pacific Prime’s staff. 

Get the right coverage with an extra layer of customer service that you may have never realized you needed, as well as plenty of value-added services such as form filling assistance, claims and renewal support, insurer liaison and negotiation, and so much more. 

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