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Hong Kong Outpatient Health Insurance

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Outpatient Health Insurance benefits give comprehensive coverage on medical care that does not need hospitalization or a stay at a medical facility of any sort.

Under a insurance plan the benefit can go towards paying for regular trips to the general practitioner. This coverage is particularly useful especially when you have a growing family with a number of children that require frequent visits to the doctors during the course of the year. Although the cost of outpatient treatment is often significantly less compared to inpatient treatments, the cost over the course of the year can add up when it comes big families.

Hong Kong Outpatient Insurance Coverage

The extent of of coverage under an outpatient insurance benefit can vary between policies coming from different insurance providers; however, some of the items will commonly appear in all outpatient plans of this type.

Items covered under a HK Medical Insurance plan include the following:

  • Scheduled Health and General Checkups
  • General Practitioner and Specialist costs
  • Vaccinations and Preventative Medicines
  • Prescription Medicines
  • Diagnostic tests e.g. X-rays
  • Home Nursing
  • Alternative Therapies plus Complimentary Medicine Including Tradition Chinese Medicine

It is important to reiterate that the amount of coverage supplied to you by your outpatient insurance benefit will differ subject to which insurance company that your policy originates from. We recommend that you check your policy carefully to see what items are covered before you decide to take out a plan.

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Free quotes on outpatient benefits under different health insurance policies can be obtained by clicking here. Please feel free to contact us if you have any other questions or queries.

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