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Welcoming your bundle of joy into the world is undoubtedly one of the best experiences life has to offer, but a joyful event can turn into a stressful and expensive one if you aren’t prepared.
Designed to provide valuable information and expert advice to expectant parents in the region, our Hong Kong Maternity Insurance Guide is Pacific Prime’s compilation of knowledge that leverages our 20 years of experience and solid relationships with major insurers across the globe.
Divided into the following five sections, our easy-to-understand guide reveals various details of maternity and maternity insurance to help you better understand pregnancy care in Hong Kong.
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An overview of hospitals in Hong Kong

Expats in Hong Kong have many places to choose from when it comes to healthcare, including numerous public and private hospital options.

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Private hospital maternity package fees

One thing expectant parents often wonder about is the cost of giving birth in Hong Kong. This section clearly outlines the prices for delivery packages in private hospitals, and compares standard delivery and c-section delivery costs.

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Pre & post-natal expenses

A helpful summary of the approximate costs of antenatal and post-natal costs in Hong Kong’s top private hospitals, along with explanations about why prices can vary.

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Insurance terms & coverage elements explained

This section breaks down the most common maternity insurance terms that you will probably come across when searching for the right policy, such as congenital disorders and routine maternity.

Coverage options to consider

Aside from a maternity insurance plan, we also offer general advice regarding maternity and insurance in Hong Kong to help you with your decision.

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