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Employee Health Insurance Plans & Options

When you’re looking for high quality job applicants, having an attractive employee health insurance plan can help you attract the very best. Read more here!

Why should I offer employee health insurance?

It’s true that money is the main motivator behind why people work, but these days the extra, “soft” benefits offered by employers is a significant factor behind where people choose to work. Offering a health insurance is a clear and simple way businesses can show employees that they care about their wellbeing, as well as setting up a healthy employee base that can save you money in the long run.

Helping employees keep a healthy work and life balance can see companies improve both productivity and morale, as well as reduce absenteeism. And while some might ask if simply offering insurance is enough, we acknowledge that many businesses have been facing the same challenge that private individual insurance clients have for many years - how to keep the rising costs of healthcare from making premiums too expensive.

Using a broker

Whether you’re looking for employee health insurance for the first time, or you’ve got insurance already for your workers but are interested in seeing if you can do better, engaging an insurance broker can take a lot of the hassle out of the process. Alongside simply finding you quotes for group insurance plans, a great broker will:

  • Act impartially in your interests rather than those of the insurer, providing you with the best possible deals from a wide variety of insurers
  • Help you understand things like “loss ratios” and how your business might save money on their current employee health insurance plan
  • Provide you and your company with extra services such as member portals with plan information for employees, a management team to assist with plan administration and claims, and educational seminars to ensure everyone in your company knows how to use their insurance plan

Using Pacific Prime Hong Kong

Remember, using a broker like Pacific Prime Hong Kong means getting an experienced team of insurance experts who are committed to bring you the best plan for your needs while staying within your company budget. Our advisors can provide tailored employee health insurance quotes for any size business, so contact us today!

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