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Established in 2000 in Hong Kong, Pacific Prime is an award-winning, global insurance brokerage with over twenty years of experience helping expat families in Hong Kong and all around the world secure the right health insurance solution that meets their exact needs and budget.
As many of our highly-trained insurance advisors are expats (some with children) themselves, they are very familiar with the pain points of raising a family abroad, and take the time to understand each family’s unique health insurance requirements and explain key elements of the proposed health insurance policy.
In addition to helping expat families secure the best-value health insurance solutions, our advisors also provide unrivaled support throughout the entire insurance process including administration assistance, insurer liaison, hospital recommendation, claims and renewal support, and more!
Our family health insurance benefits

Our family health insurance benefits

Family health insurance plans cover all family members (you, your spouse, children, etc.) under one single plan, which saves you having to secure individual plans for each member. Generally speaking, family health insurance plans are the more cost-effective option.
Leveraging our partnership with leading global insurers such as AXA, Bupa, Cigna, and 40 others, we bring to you a wide selection of family health insurance plans. From basic options to comprehensive coverage, our approach is a personalized one, and we ensure that the plans we offer addresses you and your family’s requirements.
Based on our experience, expat families prefer international health insurance plans as they provide worldwide coverage. Our family health insurance plans in Hong Kong allow you to choose from the following coverage options:
  • Inpatient insurance (also known as hospitalization insurance)
  • Outpatient insurance
  • Wellness and vaccination cover
  • Dental and vision
  • Maternity benefits

Compare your options with your expat insurance advisors

Securing a health insurance plan in Hong Kong is very important for expats as healthcare in the city is bank-breakingly expensive. That being said, finding the right health plan is not always easy, particularly if you are not familiar with the city’s healthcare system or key insurance terms. To top it off, your family may also have specific healthcare and/or lifestyle needs.
Given this, it’s best to consult an insurance broker like Pacific Prime as we make the process as simple as possible. Rest assured, our highly- trained insurance advisors will:
  • Seek to understand your family’s healthcare and lifestyle needs
  • Offer unbiased insurance advice and tailored plan comparison
  • Explain the policies to you in detail and answer your insurance-related questions
  • Help you apply for the plan
  • Provide unrivaled support
  • And more!
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