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We answer your questions about health insurance in Hong Kong.

Where will a Hong Kong health insurance plan cover me?

A Hong Kong health insurance plan will typically provide expats with hospital insurance cover in Hong Kong, plus the option to add on extra medical benefits such as maternity, outpatient, and dental care coverage. Hospital benefits will typically include accommodation in a private room, plus diagnostic tests, surgery and other medical procedures covered to the annual limit applied to the plan. While health insurance plans typically provide cover for doctors consultations, an outpatient medical plan can be made more comprehensive to include health care screening, physiotherapy, osteopathy, massage, chinese medicine, homeopathy, psychologists and other complimentary health care and wellness benefits. Maternity benefits and dental benefits can also be added onto a plan, although these benefits will typically include a 12 month waiting period before affording access to treatment.

While public hospitals are able to provide adequate medical care, the medical standards at a private healthcare facility are exceptionally high. Public hospitals in Hong Kong, like other public health care systems worldwide, tend to be overcrowded, and patients can be waiting for hours to see a doctor. As such, most expats will opt for treatment at a private facility to ensure immediate access to quality health care. While doctors in Hong Kong's public hospitals can speak English, language barriers are not uncommon which can ultimately be a barrier to quality health care. The private facilities are largely catered towards the expatriate market, and as such, medical treatments are of western standard and staffed with doctors that are highly proficient in speaking English.

With modern medical technology and highly experienced internationally trained doctors, Hong Kong offers one of the best health care systems to expats living in Asia. However, private health care in Hong Kong has also been listed as one the most expensive health care systems in the world, which is largely due to the high medical costs billed at private health care facilities. For example, a doctor consultation at the Matilda Private Hospital costs between US$64 to US$102, and hospital accommodation is billed at approximately US$761 per night. Although everyday health care expenses may be affordable, in the event of an accident or serious medical illness, access to quality health care will be highly expensive in Hong Kong. Without a health insurance plan, expats in Hong Kong will be left with a large hospital bill plus no coverage of health care treatments they may require once they have left the hospital. As such, expats in Hong Kong are highly recommended to take out a health insurance plan that includes comprehensive hospital and outpatient cover in Hong Kong.

Pacific Prime can assist you in finding a global medical insurance plan, whether you are an expatriate or a HK citizen. For more information or to receive a free health insurance quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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